Kuwait Prime Minister Nasser Previews Development Plan, Vows to Reduce Bureaucracy

Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah (announced that the Kuwait development plan is moving ahead with full speed and he has vowed to reduce any bureaucracy that may be causing delays to the project. Sheikh Nasser told the Arab Times on August 11 that he is aware the Kuwaiti citizens are frustrated with arguments and lack of progress with the development plan. To counter this, he said there are major bills before the National Assembly in the upcoming session that will reduce, or even eliminate, the bureaucratic hurdles that have slowed down the development plan from being carried out. He said the privatization and establishment of holding companies are some of the approved proposals. This will contribute to the successful implementation of important projects.

Sheikh Nasser also unveiled the country's plan to assess the BOT law, which is relevant in partnering with the private sector to execute the development plan.

"We are facing a new scenario, which will strengthen the executive-legislative cooperation, because this is essential in serving the country and citizens," Sheikh Nasser said.

The Prime Minister said there are 20 large projects overall in the development plan. In the first phase of implementation, the government will concentrate on 6-7 of these projects. He said these are service-related in the fields of communications, education and health.

In an interview with Al-Seyassah newspaper published August 12, Sheikh Nasser said Kuwait is not alone in these kinds of delays in implementing major projects. Political arguments are common in nations that are structured like Kuwait, but in Kuwait he is confident these setbacks are being resolved.

"We are a constitutional state, and law is the reference in any dispute. There are also courts and there is Abdullah Al-Salem Hall (Parliament) for any political action, and there are constitutional institutions that are to govern all things, which had been agreed by all." © 2010 Al Bawaba